Sunday, 23 June 2013

Nail Envy

Hey guys,

So over the last week I have become addicted to Pinterest. If you don't already know what Pinterest is, it's a site where you can find ideas, crafts, products, recipes, pretty much anything. And they are put into categories. For example I have been on the hair and beauty section, and I have found all these amazing nail ideas. On Pinterest you can post your own ideas you have found from websites or repin ones posted by something else. 

This week I thought I would share with you all some creative nail design I found and love on Pintrest.

These are just a few that I like. My favourite is the tribal one but I love them all! 
I wish I could do these to my nails, but unfortunately I can't even paint them properly without stuffing it up.
Which one is your fav?

Until next time,

Images used were found off Pinterest which would have come from another site. I do not own any of these pictures.

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  1. I love nail inspiring pictures, they always give me great ideas :) they're so pretty xx

    1. Yeah they are amazing, I wish I could nails like that :) xx

  2. I love finding nail and makeup inspiration off Pintrest too! There's so many gorgeous ones to choose from. Although I doubt I would ever be able to replicate even half of them, lol. If you're interested my Pintrest is Debra Bros and I'll follow back :)

    1. Yeah same with me, I could never achieve the look. I will defiantly follow you on Pinterest if I can figure out how. lol. I have just been pining things and not paying attention to the pinners.



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