Tuesday, 4 June 2013

May Favourites

Hey guys,

So its the start of June (and winter if your in Australia!)
And for my post this week I decided to show what I have been loving this last month.
Enjoy xx
Element knitted jumper- 
I love this jumper so much, I wear it at least twice a week.
I think what I love so much about it is the colour. I wanted a coloured jumper and yellow is not a colour I would usually wear. Also, it's not to bright which I like.
Leopard print queen size throw
I absolutely love this rug for two reasons. 1: Its the softest thing I have ever felt. It feels like those really fluffy baby clothes that are really soft and you wish you could have them for yourself. (Well that's what I think anyway) 2: My favorite animal is a cheetah and leopard has a very similar print. So you could almost say it's a cheetah print.
Nak sea salt spray
This month I have found the beauty of sea salt spray. I chose this one because it also has a heat protect and I needed a new one anyway. So it acts as a two in one for me. I use it every time I blow dry my hair or my hair just needs a bit more volume. It works great on my hair because I have dead straight hair and it gives it a bit more texture. 
Amazing Face by Zoe Foster
This is my favorite beauty book because I love Zoe Foster. She has a bit of a humorous side when she writes. She adds a bit of humor into her writing so it's not as serious. The actual book has really good tips, advice, tutorials and product information. I have learnt so much from reading this book. 

That's my favorites for last month. What have you been loving at the moment?

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  1. Yay, I can finally comment on your blog! So crazy to think that it's finally turning summer here but winter has just begin down there! I like that sea salt spray. Does it tend to give your hair "beach wave curls"?

    1. Thanks for commenting. I know, I wasn't going to include the Australia bit, but then I remembered that not everyone is in winter. Hahah. And with the sea salt spray, doesnt give you curls like say a curler would but it does just give you a messy look and some waves. For my hair anyway, I like the way it works for me. Hope that could help :)

  2. Oooh, I'm really interested in everything you've posted about! Love the jumper especially great for this chilly weather in Australia.


    1. Glad to know you liked them. Yes, I love the jumper too. I wear it at least once a week. xx



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