Saturday, 30 March 2013

The Love Of Revlon Nailpolish

I have recently found the beauty of Revlon nail polish. The sadly expensive varnish is amazing.

In recent times I have opted for the cheaper nail polishes thinking they will be OK. How Wrong Could I Be. I was always botching it up, the polish was too thin and I was putting multiple coats on. It just looked messy.

So the other day when I was deciding what colour to paint my nails. I found a Revlon nail polish in my collection. It was a nice orange and lately I have an obsession with orange.
So I thought to give it a go.

I was surprised by the results. It was thick, no clumps and It only need one coat. Plus I didn't smudge it. Bonus points!

I have found a new love in Revlon and am now enjoying painting my nails. I used to dread painting them but now I come home at the end of the week and am excited to give myself a manicure.

The downside to Revlon nail polish is they are so expensive. For the price of one I could buy 7 cheap ones. However it's worth it.

Until next time

*The photos used in this post have been found on google images. I do not own these and I have not changed any of them.


  1. I've never actually tried Revlon Nail polishes but I might give them a go! My favourite at the minute is the Rimmel Salon Pro.

    Hannah x

    1. I might have to try the Rimmel Salon Pro ones. I haven't tried them before.



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