Saturday, 13 July 2013

My First Guest Post!

Hey everyone,

You may or may not have known that a few weeks ago I did a guest post for a blog called Life and Beauty.
After that post I wrote a small one on my blog telling you where to find it and if you had any questions or wanted to know more to let me know. I was very excited when someone on Twitter said they would be interested in hearing about it. So, I decided that I would write a post on how I went about writing one and maybe give a few tips as well.
The way it started was I was on twitter looking at #bbloggers. (if you don't know what that is, it's a hash tag beauty bloggers use to inform other beauty bloggers that they might not be following about anything beauty related. They might ask questions, advertise comps or let people know they have blogged.) One particular blogger asked if anyone was interested in writing a guest blog while they were on holidays. I originally scrolled past it because I never done one before and didn't know what to do. About 10 minutes later I thought it could be a good opportunity and a great experience. I told the blogger I was interested but I had never done one before. She messaged me back saying that it was ok and it would be great if I did one for her. She gave a period of time that I could post it and said I could post as many as I wanted in that time frame. Of course I did one because quality is better than quantity. (To me anyway)

The next thing I had to do was think of what to write about. I couldn't do a haul, favourites or opinionated post because it wasn't my blog, so I decided to do an informative one. Next I had to think of a topic. I had a few that I thought off, but I chose the one that I found most interesting and something I hadn't seen many people write about.

The next thing was the hardest part for me. Now that I thought of something to write, I didn't know how to write it. Do I pretend it's the owner of the blog writing it or do I let them know it's me? Also if I say it's me, do I introduce myself or just wait till the end? And also do I include my blog's link? To figure this out I googled how to write a guest post. Well, that was no help at all! All I found was how to ask someone if they could write a guest post and to use correct spelling. My next resource was to ask the person I was writing for and to check out other guest posts. Luckily I found one and it helped a lot. I decided to introduce myself and just talk a little bit before I got into the actual article.

Once the article was written I included my links at the bottom and that was done. I had written my first guest post! 

If you are planning on writing a guest post and am not sure what to do. Check out MINE, it might help a little bit. If it does let me know in the comments, it would mean a lot.

Thank you and sorry it's quite a wordy post. Hope you enjoyed and if you have any further questions just let me know.

Until next time,

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The photos used are not mine, they are found from Google Images when typed 'Guest post'.

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