Monday, 6 May 2013

Mothers Day Gift Idea

Hey guys. Its mothers day (soonish)

So it's that time of year and your having trouble coming up with ideas for what you could get mum. Even when you ask her she says nothing, but you can't get her nothing so what do you do?

My friend came up with a good idea that I've stolen and decided to do myself. And that is to get a nice decorative box just from the $2 shop and make a little goody box. Think of it as a beauty box but with anything in it. You could put her favorite sweets, makeup, books, anything really. It doesn't matter what your mum is into, there are always little bits and pieces you can find. (Lets hope my mum does not read this and find out what I got her)

And if you want to do something more, you could treat your mum to a day out. Go to lunch, get a manicure or even take her to see a gold class movie! Even just spending the day with her. I'm sure she will appreciate anything.

Here is what I have put in my mum's little goody bag so far.
Little makeup travel bag
Scarf (It's underneath everything)
Hand cream
Body butter
Body spray
Chocolate (It's a chocolate cat and my mum loves cats!)

Anyway I hope this helps if you are stuck for ideas!
Until next time
Carla xo

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