Tuesday, 30 April 2013

My New Love: Tangle Teezer

 It finally arrived! I have been waiting for this for a few weeks now. But considering it came from England, two weeks isn't bad.
In case you don't know what a Tangle Teezer is. It's simply a brush. That's it.
Your probably thinking, why would you be excited about a brush? and to be honest i'm not sure.
I heard so many great reviews about it and I had to try it for my self. It's suppose to detangle hair really well, and my hair gets really knotty and I don't usually like brushing it. So I thought if this worked it would be my new love. (Hence the heading. It works!)

I got my Tangle Teezer off www.feelunique.com for $16.32 (Australian dollars) This included postage too, which was a bonus. It was really hard finding a cheap one because not many places sell them in Australia and for the salons that do, it cost $30. So the price I paid is nearly half price.
I got mine in tangerine because it is my favorite colour. However they do come in many other colours. They also come in two different styles, one being a travel one.

Anyway, until next time
Carla xo

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